Swara Lahari - the music wing of Yuva Bharati

Mission of Swara Lahari is to promote Classical Indian Music using main stream media such as Television. Pre-recorded concerts of selected artists are telecast on community TV channels in various cities in San Francisco Bay Area. Swara Lahari hosts upcoming artists and senior established artists. The program is open to artists pursuing Carnatic and Hindustani music in vocal or instrumental forms. Each concert is 30 minutes. The program is telecast in following cities.

Committee and Board Members

Swara Lahari and Yuva Bharati Volunteers

To perform for Swara Lahari :

Artists can send an email to with an intent to perform and also a short bio listing their musical training and past concerts if any.

Resources :

Sangeeta Sudha - Carnatic Lyrics, Transliterations and Translations Sangeeta Sudha

Comments from music teachers :

  • Swaralahari is doing a great service to the Indian Music fraternity by providing a platform for established senior artists, as well as upcoming students of this ancient art form. Their reach is so wide in the Bay Area and that in itself is a testament to their tireless effort in creating awareness to Indian Music and reaching out to the North American audience, both Indian and Non Indian. Kudos to the volunteers at Swara Lahari. Keep up the good work. Asha Ramesh, Artistic Director, Ragamalika School of Music, San Jose, CA (estd 1995)

  • Swara Lahariís yeomen service to the community: Since its inception three years ago, Swara Lahari continues to perform a great service for our Indian classical music community. Whether Hindustani, Carnatic, vocal, or instrumental, Swara Lahari is committed to providing quality programs. Swara Lahari is doing yeomen service to the community in and out of the Bay Area by identifying and recognizing talented young musicians, providing them with opportunities to perform and thus promoting the young performers in our community. These experiences are invaluable for our talented youth to develop as musicians and performers. Swara Lahari consists of a team of individuals who are committed and dedicated to the goal and they serve the community with love, sincerity, and passion. I commend Swara Lahari for their service and wish them the very best. Jayashree Varadarajan, Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandir School of Fine Arts, Sunnyvale, CA ( estd 1984